Our Pastoral Family Tree


               Reverend Trollars Moore             2015 to Present


               Reverend  John W. Carroll Sr.    2001 to 2015


                Reverend Leonard Walker         1992 to 2000


                Reverend Kelvin Langston         1991 to 1992


                Reverend Harold S. Green         1981 to 1991


                Reverend A. W. Wilson               1934 to 1980


                Reverend Roy Hawkins              Tenure Unspecified


                Reverend H. Hunter                   Tenure Unspecified


                Reverend Z. M. Winder              Tenure Unspecified


                Reverend W. H. Burrell              Tenure Unspecified


                Reverend A. M. Johnson            1888 - Tenure Specified













               Reverend A. A. Hamilton          1888 - Founder

Reverend Trollars Moore

2015 to Present










The Jackson Street Baptist Church was organized in April 1888, by Rev. A. A. Hamilton and others in the State Golden Rule Hall then located on Farmer Street. The original membership consisted of 75 conscientious people. The church called the Rev. A.M. Johnson, D.D. of Port Gibson, MS as the first pastor. The congregation bought a lot at a cost of $1000.00 on the corner of Second North and Jackson Streets. For two years they continued to worship in the State Golden Rule Hall. On July 10, 1899, the ground was broken for the building of an elaborate brick edifice.


The building would have a main auditorium up stairs with balcony that, according to history, would seat 800 persons. This would be a model of beauty and would be finished in the latest style. According to history, the parlor (basement) has a large lecture room, dining room, and kitchen, together with the young men's gymnasium. This is one of the best church buildings, as well as, the largest and finest (when completed) owned by black people in the State of Mississippi. It was built under the direction of the pastor A.M. Johnson and the Board of Trustees. According to history with this writing, the membership of the church numbered about 350 members. There is one feature about the erection of this church that shows the progress of the Negro, and that is, all of the work was done by Negroes.


The church numbers among its membership some of the most progressive young men and women in the State. Under the direction of the Church, they have a model Sunday School, a B.Y.P.U and a Benevolent Society, which looks after the wants of the poor and sick members of the Church. The Church, when completed, would have a cost of about $25,000.00.


During the years, the following ministers served as pastors: Rev. A.M. Johnson; Rev. W.H. Burrell; Rev. Z.M. Winder; Rev. H. Hunter, Rev. Roy Hawkins; Rev. A.W. Wilson was elected as pastor in 1934 and served until his death in 1980; Rev. Harold S. Green was elected as pastor December of 1981 and served until his death in 1991; Rev. Kelvin Langston was elected as pastor September 1991 and served until September 1992; Rev. .Leonard Walker was elected as pastor December 1992 and served until September 2000; and the present pastor, Rev. John W. Carroll, Sr. was elected December 2001.


Jackson Street Church has catered to the youth of Vicksburg through its Baptist Young People's Union, Junior Missionary Society, Sunday School, Youth Choirs, Vacation Bible School, and Block Carnivals. It was the first Black Church to organize a Vacation Bible School. The basement (Fellowship Hall) served as a Head Start Center for a number of years. It is one of the few Black Baptist Churches that has a full-time pastor and regular worship service every Sunday. History records that Jackson Street Church held the first Women's Day Program in Vicksburg




Michael Wesley, Sr., Associate Minister

Robert Smith, Sr., Associate Minister

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